b. Start using JavaScript


    How to master JavaScript

    The problem with learning JavaScript

    It goes without saying that JavaScript is the most powerful language in the world. It is the language behind millions of websites and web apps, and now with the ability to transpile JavaScript (i.e. turn it into other languages), we can use JavaScript outside the browser to run mobile apps, the internet of things and beyond.

    But despite all of the great advantages of learning JS right now, the unfortunate reality is that most all JS tutorials today set students up for failure. And that's because of two reasons:

    1. Most all courses don't provide guidance about what to learn, and
    2. Students believe they need to know it all before building apps or to get a job

    Let's be clear: No one learns JavaScript by taking a 45 hour course that claims to teach you everything. People seek to learn it all because they don't know what to learn to meet their goals.

    If you want to learn JavaScript to kick start your developer career and build amazing JS projects, you need a path that focuses on the practical parts of the language that gets you building things from the start and developing real-world, on-the-job skills.

    And that's what this course is for.

    How this tutorial is different

    Hi, my name is Reed Barger and I'm a professional JS developer who has helped over 25,000 students level up their JS skills through online courses. Learning and teaching what I know is a great passion of mine and I love to break down difficult concepts in a easy, practical way. I work with JS every day and this course is culmination of years of experience working with the language.

    Like any serious endeavor, you need to start with the end in mind. It was designed from the ground up to give you the fast track to mastering the language and teach you the core skills to then master any JS library or framework--React, Angular, Vue, Svelte. Any or all of them.

    That's why this course doesn't seek to teach you the entire language. If this course had an alternative title, it would be The JavaScript You Need To Know. My focus in this course is giving you all the JavaScript that you need for mastery.

    This course puts you in the driver's seat. Through the entirety of the course, you're going to be engaged. Answering questions, taking part in coding challenges, thinking deeply about material we've covered. It provides what so many courses leave out entirely--active learning. This course is driven by having you code along with me, every step of the way. And since you'll be using Scrimba, you'll be using the best platform possible to be a part of every single lecture, just like we were coding side by side. Just click to pause the video and start coding yourself.

    And finally, this course is not one that you watch and leave behind. No matter what your skill level is as a JS developer, whether a total beginner to the language or are an advanced developer already, this course has insights and techniques to enhance your worth as a developer and ultimately your career. I've made this course as a resource, and as a reference to guide you, with the expectation that you'll come back and use it from time to time to recharge your skills and command of the language.

    How to get the most out of this course

    As a final note, be aware that this course is packed with information. It's dense and very thorough. Don't expect to power through it in an afternoon. To get the most out of all of the material presented and all of the work you're going to be doing, the slow and deliberate path is the best one. Listen closely, think critically, and code actively throughout.

    If you do all of these things, you're going to be getting the most out of the course and will be on the fast track to JavaScript mastery.

    So join me in this experience to learn JavaScript as you never have before, right now, and let's get coding.